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Which Port shippers declared which years? The author, Julian D. A. Wiseman, is writing a book to answer this question. The book will list years, with evidence. There are at least six other books containing such a list, though without evidence. All six have errors. The intention is to be provably and definitively correct. I will surely fail, but hopefully not by much.

Progress has been slow. Such is the price of thoroughness. But friends, such as some of the regular users of ThePortForum.com, want the book.

So an early draft of some chapters are being made available on PortVintages.com. These are drafts, and will change—not necessarily at PortVintages.com. These are drafts, and contain errors. If you find an error, please tell me as soon as possible. (Some of the drafts still contain strings of the form “[••…••]”, typically pointing to photographs on the author’s computer. These strings will be removed before publication.)

The pdfs are passworded, mostly to frustrate search engines. To help readers, links to chapters and their passwords are in the following table. Yes, it might be that somebody with hacker skills can break the passwords. This is being given away: please be nice. Meaning, please don’t break such protection as the chapters have, even if you know how to do so.

ChapterPasswordVersionChecked by
Fonseca PortVintagesFonseca 10 Jan 2015 JDAW
Graham PortVintagesGraham 06 Jan 2015 JDAW
Martinez PortVintagesMartinez 08 Sep 2015 JDAW
Niepoort PortVintagesNiepoort 07 June 2015 JDAW
Noval PortVintagesNoval 07 Jan 2015 JDAW
Sandeman PortVintagesSandeman 07 June 2015 JDAW, DRT (partly), AHB (partly)
Taylor PortVintagesTaylor 22 May 2015 JDAW
Warre PortVintagesWarre 30 Mar 2015 JDAW
These PDFs can be read by Mac Preview 8.1 (877.7) under El Capitan 10.11.3. But the 256-bit AES security defeats Preview versions up to Yosemite (echo of bug report). If ≤Yosemite, please open with Adobe’s Reader.

Enjoy. And do say how these drafts can be improved.

Discussion of this page, this website, these drafts, is on ThePortForum.com.

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